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Synergistic effect of DTPMP in well water by sodium tungstate-Zn2+ system

S.Agnesia Kanimozhi*1 and S.Rajendran 2, 3

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The aim of this present work is to study, the corrosion behavior of carbon steel in well water in the presence of sodium tungstate (ST)-Zn2+- Diethylenetriamine entamethylene phosphonicacid (DTPMP). Weight loss study has been employed tom evaluate the inhibition efficiency of this system. It was found that the inhibition efficiency (IE) of ST (50 ppm)-Zn2+ (10 ppm) was improved from 8% to 82% by the addition of 150 ppm of DTPMP. Surface film has been analysed by FTIR spectroscopy, UV florescence and SEM analysis. The protective film consists of Fe2+-WO4 2-, Fe2+-DTPMP complex on anodic site and Zn (OH)2 complex at cathodic site. It is found to be UV florescent. A mechanism for the inhibition of corrosion is proposed based on the above results.