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Development and evaluation of ethosomes for transdermal deliveryof Fluconazole

Sarath Chandran C1*, Arun Shirwaikar2, Maria Rose Kuriakose3 and Sabna N. S4,

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Antifungal drug, Fluconazole was loaded in to ethosomal vesicles for topical application. Fluconazole ethosomes were prepared by patented technology with modifications using phospholipid, drug and ethanol in varying concentrations. The prepared ethosomes were characterized for size, shape, entrapment efficiency, in-vitro permeation (by Franz diffusion cell) and physical stability. The studies demonstrated successful preparation of Fluconazole ethosomes and effect of varying concentrations of ethanol on size, shape, entrapment efficiency and stability of vesicles. In vitro permeation studies demonstrated that % drug released from ethosomes was nearly 26% greater than plain drug incorporated cream across cellulose membrane. From the evaluation, the developed novel delivery system demonstrated enhanced properties than other vesicular delivery systems.