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Production of Lovastatin by Aspergillus parasiticus NCIM 696 using rice bran under solid state fermentation

D.Geeta Aparna* and D. Sri Rami Reddy

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Production of lovastatin was carried out by Aspergillus parasiticus NCIM 696 using agro-industrial residues like rice bran as substrate under solid state fermentation. Lovastatin is a potent hypercholesterolemic drug used for lowering blood cholesterol. In recent years, lovastatin has also been reported as a potential therapeutic agent for the treatment of various types of tumors and also play a tremendous role in the regulation of the inflammatory and immune response, coagulation process, bone marrow, neovascularization, vascular tone, and arterial pressure. Process parameters like Incubation time (120 h), Temperature (28oC), Moisture content (70%), Inoculum age (6 days), Inoculum volume (20% v/w),pH of the medium(6.0), carbon source (2% Lactose) and nitrogen source (1.5% Ammonium Sulphate) were optimized and gave an overall yield of 9.2 mg/gds of lovastatin after optimization.