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Molecular imprinting: A pharmaceutical Approach

Nilesh Bhole*, Bari Bhagyashree, Akshay Chaudhari, Sunil Bavaskar, Arvind Umarkar and Shashikant Barhate

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Molecular imprinting technology is a developing technique for the preparation of polymers having specific molecular recognition properties for a given compound. Molecular imprinting technology (MIT) concerns formation of selective sites in a polymer matrix with the memory of a template. Recently, molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) have aroused extensive attention and been widely applied in many fields, such as solid-phase extraction, chemical sensors and artificial antibodies owing to their desired selectivity, physical robustness, thermal stability, with low cost and easy preparation. and the rapid development of MIT as a research. It faces a number of challenges, involving biological macromolecule imprinting, heterogeneous binding sites, template leakage, incompatibility with aqueous media, low binding capacity and slow mass transfer, which restricts its applications in various aspects. This critical review briefly reviews the current status of MIT, particular emphasis on significant progresses of novel imprinting methods, some challenges and effective strategies for MIT, and highlighted applications of MIPs.