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Detection of DNA polymorphism by RAPD-PCR fingerprint in Cassia alata L. in Tamil Nadu

T. Leon Stephan Raj*, A. John De Britto and R. Pramely

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Cassia alata L. belonging to the family Fabaceae is one of the potent antimicrobial drugs yielding plant. In order to ascertain the genetic variability, plants of this species were collected from different accessions of Tamil Nadu and RAPD-PCR fingerprint analysis was carried out using random primers. The percentage of polymorphic loci was 59.38. The genetic distance between the population ranged from 0.2076 to 0.7577 and the genetic identity ranged from 0.4688 to 0.8125. The overall observed and effective number of alleles was about 1.5938 and 1.5057. Neis (1978) overall genetic diversity is 0.2700. Cluster analyses of RAPD data using Unweighted Pair Group Method of Arithmetic Averages has produced one major cluster and three sub-clusters. Overall, molecular fingerprinting revealed that the existence of considerable genetic variations in the Cassia alata L. collected from Tamil Nadu.