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Circuit arrangement for magnetic field generation

arrangement for magnetic field generation O. I. Olusola* and K. D. Adedayo

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

An electrical circuit that is capable of producing a magnetic field of different strength using inductors of different inductance value have been designed and developed. The circuitry includes an electromagnetic coil for generating a magnetic field in response to a direct current (DC) power applied to the terminals of the coil and a gated triac connected in series with the coil for controlling application of direct current (DC) electric power to the coil. A 555 timer circuit is connected in an astable mode to serve as a gating circuit that develops a sequence of gating pulses. These pulses have a substantially constant voltage that extends for specified time duration to continuously excite the coil with DC power during the length of each pulse from the output of the clock circuit. Incorporated inside the circuit is also a microcontroller with a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD); the LCD shows the value of the magnetic field generated when each of the iron core inductor is selected and activated via the press to make switches labeled S1.0 -to- S1.4.