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Protective Effect of Curcumin on Cadmium Chloride Induced Epididymal Toxicity in Swiss Mice (Mus musculus)

Preeti Singh1, Kanchan Deora2, Habiba Bano3,Priya Mogra4 Sudha Javeria5 and Sushil Barolia6

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The monitoring of infertility and its control has become a worldwide issue of apprehension in order to retain fit population. Cadmium, a viable environmental toxicant hinders reproductive functioning which adversely influence the number of spermatozoa and complete organization of connective tissue in the epididymis, where as curcumin is known to be a strong protective herbal remedy which renders protection against numerous toxicants. Hence, in the present research work an effort has been made to evaluate the protective effect of curcumin (10mg/kg/day , for 15 days) prior treatment against a dose of 50mg/kg/animal/day for a day of cadmium chloride induced perturbations in the epididymis. Our results strongly suggest that cadmium intoxication leads to several histopathological alterations in the epididymis of adult male mice that are alleviated by the administration of curcumin.