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Diminution of Concentration of Fluorides by Bio adsorption using Cordia Africana in the waste waters around Aksum

Mohana Rao Abburi1, Kinethebeb Belay1, Divya Jyothi Munagala2, Soujanya Kaki3*, Alemayehu Dubale1and Osman Ahmed1.

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

All chemical elements of the earths crust occur in widely differing omnipresent concentrations, due to their different nuclear chemical formation and geochemical history. Due to various activities of the man in domestic field, agricultural sphere and industrial establishment, the environment around us consisting of soil, water and air gets polluted. Among the various types of pollution, water pollution is of vital concern. Chemical contaminants in the water pollution are broadly classified in to Organic and inorganic pollutants. In the Inorganic pollutants, the Fluoride contamination of water is intolerable. Usually the elevated lands contain huge minerals and raw materials of which NaF, NaSiF6, CaF2, CaSiF6, MgF2, ZnF2, AlF3, and CuF2, etc generate the concentrations of fluorides in drinking water and usage water. Industrial sectors like leather technology, Polymer technology, Synthetic pharmacy, pesticides, and textiles etc... Use more dyes and chemicals in which fluoride contamination profusely occur at distinguished quantities. In fact their chemical abundances AlF3, CaF2 generate less toxic when comparatively other complex compounds. The villages which are surrounded by the Aksum city of Ethiopia have been acknowledged as Fluoride contaminated areas and the people of these villages (Waredas) have been excruciating for the last 20 years vigorously by this fluorosis. Fluorosis is a social and endemic disease which occurs either dental or skeletal. Most of the people around Aksum are bearing Dental Fluorosis rather Skeletal Fluorosis. For this sensitive endemic, this paper has concentrated on investigation of fluoride trace quantities by in industrial waste waters by Bio adsorbents.