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Environmental Water pollution: A Review of Physicochemical and Heavy metal Quality of Water and Soil

Sivakumar K.K1,*, Dheenadayalan M.S2, Balamurugan C.3, Kalaivani R2 Ramakrishnan D.2 and Leena Hebsi bai L.2

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Water resource shortage and pollution has seriously threatened the survival and development of developing countries. Because of Indias specific economical and social circumstances, complete adoption of developed countries experience is unrealistic. At present, India needs to develop strategies and technologies in source water pollution control and industrial and municipal environmental remediation that embrace the countrys specific need to battle the water resource problem. This paper reviewed ecosystem pollution with particular reference to heavy metal in water and soil system endangered by mixed effluents of domestic as well as industries.