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Preliminary study on Ichthyofaunal diversity of a Eutrophic pond, Sasaram, Bihar

Pramod Kumar and Ashwani Wanganeo

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The investigation conducted on a tropical eutrophic pond situated in Sasaram, Bihar revealed 31 fish species belonging to 5 different orders and 12 families. Out of total 31 species recorded from Salim Shah pond, 13 species belonged to family Cyprinidae; 3 species to Bagridae, 2 species each to Channidae, Paleomonidae, Clariidae, Siluridae, Notopteridae; and 1 specie each to Belonidae, Cobitidae, Heteropneustidae, Anabantidae and Mastacembelidae. The maximum species contribution was made by family Cyprinidae. All the limnological parameters indicate the higher trophic status of the pond which can be attributed to high anthropogenic pressure that is the major cause of continuous deteriorating the ecological conditions of the pond.