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Assessment of noise pollution and population exposure in central areas of Morogoro municipality, Tanzania: Impact of use of portable fuel generators

Jovine S. Malago and Stelyus L. Mkoma*

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The problem of power consumption in the world, and especially in developing countries, is an issue which still raises many questions. Tanzania and specifically Morogoro region is part of the affected population. This study aimed at assessing noise pollution and population expose in the central areas of Morogoro Municipality. Noise levels were measured by using digital sound level meter when there is use or no use of portable fuel generators. For each sampling point the average population exposed to noise was also estimated. The results show that the measured noise levels in all studied points ranged from 72 dBA to 88.8 dBA with a mean of 79.9 2.3 dBA when generators are in use and from 59 dBA to 76.6 dBA (mean of 67.3 2.5 dBA) when generators are not in use. The area around Saifee colour laboratory had high population exposed to noise level of 77.7 dBA (average 18 people/1 hr). The lowest noise was measured at Mt. Uluguru hotel (72 dBA) and highest at Wildrose hotel (88.8 dBA). The study concludes that use of portable fuel generators increased noise levels in central areas of Morogoro municipality in addition to other urban noise such as vehicle traffic. The observed noise is likely to have adverse health problem in a long term human exposure.