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Thermal behavior of Rubidium soaps

Satya Pal Singh Saroha*, Krishna N. Mehrotra

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Rubidium Carboxylates, M (CXHYCOO) where M is metal and X = 9 ,11 and 17 and Y = 19, 23 and 35 were prepared by metathesis and were characterized. Fundamental characteristics like thermal properties of these carboxylates are studied and thermodynamic parameters associated with decomposition are calculated like thermal kinetic parameters, activated energy of decomposition, ?E, enthalpy of decomposition, ?H, entropy of decomposition, ?S, and free energy of decomposition, ?G .The value of rate constant for the soap caprate is found to be lower than stearate or laurate soaps. The energy of activation, ?E is the measure of the stability of the soaps. The values of entropy ?S, and that of free energy of decomposition reflect for the non spontaneous reaction .The soaps are quite stable for long range of temperature.