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Oxidative Kinetics of Chalcones by Chloramine-T

S. Parimala Vaijayanthi* and N. Mathiyalagan

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The kinetic study of oxidation of chalcones by chloramine-T (sodium N-chloro paratoluenesulphonamide , CAT) has been studied in aqueous acetic acid in the presence of perchloric acid. The products of oxidation are the corresponding substituted benzoic acid and phenyl acetaldehyde. The reaction is carried out under pseudofirst order condition. The reaction is first order with respect to [CAT]. The order with respect to [chalcones] is zero. The decrease in dielectric constant of the medium increases the rate of the reaction. The effect of various parameters like HClO4, NaCl, and NaClO4 and ptoluenesulphonamide is also studied. By studying the effect of temperature on the reaction rate, the Arrhenius and thermodynamic activation parameters have been calculated. A mechanism consistent with observed kinetics is proposed.