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Acaustical Study of Aqueous Sodium Chloride Solutions in Different Composition of Lactose at Varying Temperatures by Ultrasonic Technique

ShashiKant and Kamini Sharma

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The ultrasonic velocity (U) and density (r) measurements have been carried out for sodium chloride in 2, 4 and 6 wt. % lactose at different temperatures i.e. 303.15K, 308.15K, 313.5K, 318.15K. These measurements have been performed to evaluate some important acoustical parameters like adiabatic compressibility (b), change (Db) and relative change in adiabatic compressibility (Db/bo), acoustic impedance (Z), intermolecular free length (Lf), Wadas constant (W), relative association (R.A.), relaxation time (?). The variation of these parameters with respect to the concentration of the solute has been explained on the basis of solute-solvent, solute-solute interactions.