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Study in Glycerol-Azure A-NaLS System: Solar energy conversion and storage by the use of photogalvanic cell

R.K.Gunsaria, S.S.Nadeem and Ram Narayan Meena*

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Solar energy conversion and storage by use of photogalvanic cell was studied in Glycerol Azure ANaLS System. Photogalvanic effect was studied in photogalvanic cell consisting of Glycerol as a reductant, Azure A as photosensitizer and NaL as surfactant in aqueous solution. The photopotential and photocurrent generated were 855.0 mV and 250 ?A respectively. The observed power of the cell was 213.75?W at its power point. The conversion efficiency and fill factor was determined as 1.1826 and 0.4762 respectively. The cell performance was 63 min. in dark. A mechanism for the photogeneration of electricity has also been proposed. The effect of different parameters (pH, diffusion length, electrode area, light intensity) on the electrical output of the cell were also been observed.