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Dielectric and emissive behavior of red soils of North Maharashtra at X-band microwave frequency

Avinash.A.Patil*, D.V.Ahire and P.R.Chaudhari

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The dielectric properties of red soil have been study with various percentage of moisture content. Microwave transmission line waveguide technique has been used for this purpose. The dielectric properties including dielectric constant (?) and dielectric loss (?) have been measured for the red soil samples collected from the three places located each in the Dhule (S1,S3) and Jalgaon (S2) districts of north Maharashtra region (India) at 9.2 GHz frequency of varied moisture content at X-band . The experimental observations shows that the dielectric constant of these red soil samples increased from about 2.69 to 19.5 for sample S1, 2.65 to 19.2 for sample S2 and 2.53 to 20.2 for sample S3, when its corresponding gravimetric MC changed from 0 % (oven dry) to around 30 %. Estimations of emissivity ep(q) by using emissivity model for vertical and horizontal polarizations at various incident angles show decrease in emissivity with increase in MC / dielectric constant. Electrical a.c. conductivity is also reported. This data is very useful in designing passive sensors for microwave remote sensing.