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A Review on Adsorption of Heavy Metals from Aqueous Solution

Satya Vani Yadla1* V. Sridevi11 and M.V.V.Chandana Lakshmi1

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Waste aqueous effluent containing heavy metals causes serious environmental problems. The most frequently applied adsorbent for the removal of heavy metal is activated carbon. However it is an expensive material. The use of alternative and perhaps cheaper adsorbents is attractive. Fly ash is a waste material which is formed as a result of burning in power plants, but has a potential to adsorb heavy metal ions. A number of theoretical models and equations are available for the purpose and the best fit of the experimental data to any of these models is interpreted as giving the appropriate kinetics for the adsorption process. This review gives some outlines of fundamental principles of adsorption and adsorption process.