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Studies on the Potential of bacillus subtilis in the Biodegradation of Engine oil

Harikrishna Yadav Nanganuru1*, Narasimhulu Korrapati2 and Bhanu Prakash M3

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Oil and petroleum products are very toxic to the living organisms. Their detoxification efficiency indicates good potential for application in bioremediation of oil. Oil in soil is influenced to a great extent by microbial activity. Microorganisms have ability to degrade oil from a medium. To gain a better knowledge about oil biodegradation, it is essential to associate hydrocarbon degradation with specific organisms and metabolic processes. The removal of oil from aqueous solutions by using the bacterial culture was investigated. The growth of the B. subtilis culture was noticed by oil supplemented growth medium. In this study, B. subtilis was tested for oil degradation ability. The degradation of the oil was monitored over a 10 days period. The percentage of biodegradation of oil by B. subtilis was studied. These bacterial strains could utilize oil hydrocarbons as sole source of carbon and energy. After testing, it was found that B. subtilis had higher potential to degrade oil up to 71%. B. subtilis strain showed a significant reduction of oil levels at the end of experiment. The results revealed that the living biomass of the cultures were more efficient in degrade oil.