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ICT Enabled Teacher Education in Context of New Millennium

J.D. Singh


Informatio n and communication technology (ICT) has become common place entities in all aspects of life. It is an indispensable part of the contemporary world. It has the potential to accelerate, enrich, and deepen skills; motivate and engage student s in learning. In fact, culture and society have to be adjusted to meet the challenges of the knowledge age. The pervasiveness of ICT has brought about rapid technological, social, political, and economic transformation, which has come out in a network society organized around ICT. The field of education has not been unaffect ed by the penetrating influence of information and communication technology. Undoubtedly, ICT has impacted on the quality and quantity of teaching, learning, and research in education institutions. In research, ICT provides opportunities for teacher educat ion colleges to communicate with one another through email, mailing lists, chat rooms, and so on. It helps to relate college expe riences to work practices and to create economic v iab ility for tomorrows generation . So, we have to inquire the utilization of technology in teacher education institutions for 21st century classrooms . In such a rapidly changing context, this paper explore s how teachers can be empowered and prepared to meet the challenges and new expectations effectively is a crucial concern in po licy making of teacher education and professional development of teachers in India.