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The Effect of Computer Assisted Instruction Material as Teaching Aid on Chemistry Learning of High School Students

Yogesh M. Nandurkar, B.B. Bahule


Today s tech sav v y generation easily approves the use of computer applications in teaching field. We are interested to compare the potential of Computer Assisted Instruction Material as teaching aid with traditional l ecture method and thereby know contribution to improve the learning process . Two groups of 15 students were set for the study of chemistry . One group was set for lecture method while other was for CAI (Computer Assisted Instruction) material method. Pre, post and additional tests are apllyed to quantify the a chievement of students . Pre and post test are planned to know understanding level while additional test was designed to know understanding and application level, of the subject. Statistical analysis of data obtained implies that use of CAI material has more po tential than lecture method. In t he a dditional test, use of CAI material has shown progressive effect but at the same time improvement in the performance of control group is noticeable. Blending of lecture and CAI method will surely help for betterment of learning process at all the three levels viz. information, understanding and application