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E - Learning Instructional Facilities and Science Teacher Education in Nigeria

Jacinta A. Opara


One of the mo st emerging trends with its challenges to quality control and assu rance in teacher education is e learning. E - learning is a practical example of the challenges in the use of ICT - supported teaching and learning methods whose importance is gaining momentum with the passage of time. E - learning has become one of the most vi tal and potentially significant as well as efficient instructional methods to enhance quality in teaching and learning. It appears that this new trend in methods of enhancing learning is not adequately been adhered to in African higher education institutio ns. The paper examined academic staff effective utilization of e - learning and quality assurance in higher education with special reference to science teacher education in Nigeria. This paper was directed towards assessing the instructional facilities that are in use in some selected Colleges of Education ( COEs) in Southern Nigeria. The study which was guided by two research questions was carried out through the use of questionnaire. The population of t he study was 889 science student educators from the Depa rtment of Integrated Science in 13 Colleges of Education . 160 science student teachers constituted the sample of the study. Simple random sampling technique was used in selecting the sample. The data collected were collated and analyzed in frequency and me an scores.