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Estimation of Thiosalicylic Acid Using Photochemical Exchange Reaction of Sodium Nitroprusside

Gautam Kishor Sharma1*, Gayatri Prasad2, T.R. Thapak3, Arpan Bhardwaj1 and D.S. Raghuwanshi1

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

A novel, rapid, faster and reliable quantitative method has been established for the determination of thiosalicylic acid using sodium nitroprusside as a spectroscopic probe. This method indicates that the sodium nitroprusside can react with the salicylic acid to form a colored product in the light reaction. Sodium nitroprusside is a photolabile complex and it undergoes photochemical ligand exchange reactions rapidly. The absorbance of the product is measured at the maximal absorption wavelength of 395.5 nm, and the amount of thiosalicylic acid can be calculated based on this absorbance by using calibration curve. The good linear relationship of the concentration of thiosalicylic acid versus absorbance is observed with a linear range of 1.48 x 10-4 9.50 x 10-4. The linear regression equation is A = 0.012x + 0.188, with the correlation coefficient of 0.998. The effects of different parameters like pH, change of concentration of sodium nitroprusside, concentration of ligands, light intensity etc. on percentage error were investigated. The efforts were made to minimize the percentage error and some optimum conditions were obtained. The progress of photochemical reaction for sample solution has been observed spectro-photochemically and the product was isolated and characterized. A tentative mechanism for this reaction has been proposed.