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Preparation, Characterization, Antibacterial and DNA Binding Studies of Phenylenediamine Mixed Ligand Complex of Copper (II) Benzoate

Ramasubbu Rajakumar, Natarajan Raman* and Sankaran Rajeswari

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

A new phenylenediamine mixed ligand complex of copper (II) benzoate was prepared. It was characterized by conductivity, magnetic susceptibility measurement, UV-Vis and IR spectral studies. Conductivity study concludes that the complex is a non-electrolyte. The remaining studies conclude the octahedral geometry around copper ion. The antibacterial activity of the title compound was compared with parent ligand and complex. DNA binding study was carried out with HS-DNA by absorption spectral technique. The binding constant was found to be 1.7 104.