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Antimicrobial screening and identification of Bioactive compounds present in marine sponge Zygomycale sp. collected from Kanyakumari coast

J.A. Johnson1, T. Citarasu2 and *W.A.Manjusha3

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The marine environment is a rich source of bioactive compounds. The present study was carried out to investigate in vitro antimicrobial activity of marine sponge Zygomycale sp. collected from Kanyakumari coast (south east coast of India). The sponge extract was tested against nine human bacterial pathogens and four human fungal pathogens, and it revealed that, the extracts showed potent anti-bacterial activity against Bacillus megaterium, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Sterptococcus pyogenes and it exhibited antifungal activity against all pathogenic test strains. The bioactive compound present in marine sponge was identified by GC-MS analysis and the compounds are Tetracontane,3,3,2,4-trimethyl, Tricozane, Decane,Dodecane,2,6,10-trimethyl ester, Trifluroacteicacid,n-octadecyl ester, Eicozane, Phenol,2,4-bis(1,1- dimetyl ethyl)-ester,Dibutyl phthalate. The results of present investigation revealed that, the endosymbiotic bacteria from the marine sponges are a potential source of novel antibiotic leads.