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Production of Protease through SSF by Bacillus Subtilis NCIM 2724

Meena Vangalapati*, Sree Satya Nandam, Surya Prakash D.V and Sumanjali Avanigadda

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Production of protease employing the laboratory isolates of Bacillus sps. under solid state fermentation. The present study was designed for study of increasing the production of protease feasible at commercial level and an attempt has been made to optimize the different physico chemical parameters required for obtaining the maximum production of protease using Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus lincheniformis. Bacillus subtilis gives the maximum enzyme production by using papaya peel as the substrate with the optimized conditions of incubation time 24hr, temperature 300C, moisture content 40%w/v, and inoculum level of 0.8%w/v and with substrate concentration of 10g and pH 8.0, glucose concentration 2.0%w/v. The maximum production of protease enzyme considering all optimum conditions of various parameters was found to be 0.69 mg/ml.