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The Plackett-Burman Model - An Improved Alternative to Identify the Significant Factors Implied in Fungal Production of Glucose oxidase from potato

S. Pavan kumar*, C.S.V. Ramachandra Rao, S.Bhavani Charan Prasad

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Glucose oxidase producing fungus was isolated from potato and grown on czapekdox agar media. The isolate showing maximum activity was identified by Bergys manual. Plackett-Burman designwas used to develop the culture medium to find the optium values of process variables (pH Temperature, fermentation time, carbon source, nitrogen source, salt concentration and inoculum size)for Glucose oxidase production. Maximum glucose oxidase activity was observed for glucose as carbon source, KH2PO4as salt, NaNO3 as nitrogen source at pH 6 and temperature at 30C.