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Atomic Scale Simulation of Extended Defects Formation in Irradiated Materials Containing Impurities and Preexisting Dislocations

E Boucetta*1, A Amghar1 and H Idrissi-saba1.

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The atomic scale simulation (ASS) of the diffusion and agglomeration of point defects under high energy irradiation 16-19 has been resumed to account for the influence of the impurities and pre-existing dislocations on the process of defects formation. Five types of reactions are assumed to take place: vacancy-interstitial recombination, interstitial-interstitial association to form a new extended defect, interstitial-extended defect reaction leading to growth of extended defects, interstitialimpurity reaction leading to the nucleation of the impurity, interstitial-pre-existing dislocation reaction leading to the growth of this letter. In the simulation only interstitials are mobile and extended defects are assumed to be dislocation loops in the (0,0,1) planes. The concentrations and the means radius of various defects produced were calculated and the variation induced in these concentrations by varying the concentrations of the impurities and pre-existing dislocations and radius of these latter were studied. The results are compared also with those performed with the Chemical Reaction Rate Theory (CRRT).