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Distribution of Microorganisms in Water and Sediment along Abonnema Shoreline, Eastern Niger Delta, Nigeria

S. David-Omiema1 and T. J. K. Ideriah2*

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The distribution of microorganisms in the sediment and overlying water along the shoreline of Abonnema was studied. The results showed Total Heterotrophic count range of 1.8x103 3.4x103 unit/ml in water and 1.93x104 6.12x104 unit/ml in sediment; Petroleum Degrading bacteria count range of 13 unit/ml in water and 210 unit/ml in sediment and Total coliform count range of 1-2 unit/ml in water and none in the sediment. Faecal coliforms were absent in all the stations. The Heterotrophic Bacteria count was higher in the sediment than in the water but statistical analysis showed no significant difference (p