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Leachate Absorbing Raw Materials (LARM) to overcome Leachate, Obnoxious odor and Fly-menace during the Composting/Vermicomposting of Kitchen Refuse

Sunitha N. Seenappa and Seenappa C

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Kitchen refuse is an array of discarded stuffs that originate in the kitchen of urban category and find disposal problems at large. With the mushrooming of multi-story apartments, the backyard space of yester years is nothing but a dream. Although sincere efforts are put in garbage clearance, yet cleanliness and accuracy are still lacking under Indian circumstances. Usefulness of kitchen refuse for composting was an old world scenario, where a backyard with an orchard, flower garden and kitchen garden was made use of for the thrown kitchen refuse. Presently many urbanites want to make the best use of kitchen refuse by converting it into utilizable manure from the point of view of ecofriendliness and create a pollution-free zone. Though a method already exists, the problem of leachate, smell and fly menace limits the technology of aerobic composting and vermicomposting. In the present paper a simple use of Leachate Absorbing Raw Material (LARM) either as cocopith, bagasse and or jute waste has solved the problem of leachate, fly menace or obnoxious odors at one go and result in complete aerobic compost /vermicompost. The study reveals that energy oriented engineering models are not mandatory and can be avoided. The simpler method of composting/vermicomposting could be by the use of LARM.