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Experimental Studies on High Performance Concrete Using Blast Furnace Slag as a Cement Replacement Material

Ashish J. Bharnuke* & Dr. H.S. Chore**

Journal Title:International Journal of Multidisciplinary Approach & Studies

The paper presents the experimental investigation on the performance evaluation of the high performance concrete. The ground granulated blast furnace slag was used to replace the cement partially. The study was aimed at finding out the optimum contents of the GGBFS as the partial replacement of cement without affecting the properties of concrete. The study was further aimed at evaluating the effect of crushed sand on the performance of concrete in place of river sand. The equal amounts of these materials were used in eight trial mixes with varying amount of cement. The water cement ratio was also varied. The chemical admixture was also added to improve the workability of concrete. The engineering properties such as compressive strengths of cubes and cylinders for 7 and 28 days curing in respect of the concrete made using GGBFS are evaluated.is the most widely used material of construction.