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Synthesis and Biological Activity of the Mononuclear Iron (III) Complexes of a Schiff Base Ligand

S. Sujatha and K. Balasubramanian

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The synthesis of four binuclear Iron (III) complexes of Schiffs base ligands of the saltrientype derived from 1,8-diamino,3,6diazaoctane-1,3-diamine,2- hydroxy propane and 2 equivalent of the appropriate 2-hydroxy naphthaldehyde and pyrrole 2-carboxylaldehyde derivative is reported. The complexes were prepared and characterized by elemental analysis, UV, IR, EPR, Mass spectral studies. The CV data of all the complexes in DMF exhibited quasi-reversible behavior, one electron redox waves at ?Ep = 249 mV and ?Ep = 305 mV. The complexes showed significant antibacterial activity against S aureus and P.aeruginosa