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Synthesis and Fluoroscence Study of Chlorine Substitution on Anils

Bapu R Thorat, Shaukat Ali Shaikh, Ramdas G. Atram and Ramesh S. Yamgar

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Salicylaldehyde (1) and 5-bromosalicyladehyde (2) was condensed with series of chloroanilines (3a-d) forming Schiff bases (anils, 4a-d, 5a-d) which are characterised by FTIR and NMR spectroscopy. The absorption and emission spectra of final Schiff bases (4a-d, 5a-d) was recorded. The Schiff bases show maximum absorption at 400 nm and 800 nm. The emission spectra of 4a-d and 5a-d were recorded at 400 nm (as excitation wavelength). Chlorine substitution on anils shows blue shift in emission.