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Anatomical Studies of Leaves in Some Species of Ammannia L. (Lythraceae)

Anil A. Kshirsagar

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The present investigation brings out the anatomical studies of leaves in four species of Ammannia L.belonging to family Lythraceae. The shape and size of leaf axis is variable. The leaves are dorsiventral and isobilateral.The stomata are confined to both the epidermis. Stomata are mostly anomocytic in species like A.baccifera sub species baccifera, A.baccifera sub species aegyptiaca and A. Multiflora while anisocytic in A.desertora.The mucilaginous cells are present among epidermal cells.The mesophyll tissue consist of spongy and palisade occurs at both the sides and one side. The vascular bundles are bicollateral, the central vascular strand is an arc shaped, and presence of calcium oxalate crystals in cortical tissues is significant character in leaves of Ammannia.