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Circomoncobothrium Jadhavi A New Species Found In Clarious Batraehus At Shivpur Tq. Nalegaon Dist. Latur.

Ashiwin R. Shinde

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

he cestode parasites found in plenty of the vertebrates, like fishes, amphibians, reptiles birds and mammals. Parasitic diseases are among the major public health problems of tropical countries including India. The worm under discussion is having the scolex large triangular narrow anteriorly broad posteriorly, having two bothria, rostellam medium, armed, the rostellar hooks 32 in mumber arrange in single circle, stout, slightly curved mature proglottids medium in size, squash in shape broader than long testes 250- 254 (252) on number, small to medium oval arranged in a single field, overy large distinctly bilobed dumb-bell shaped, situated near the posterior margin of the segments, vitellaria follicular, small around in 1-2 rows on each side.