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Post-infectious Lymphedema Can Cause Facial Paralysis

Post-infectious Lymphedema Can Cause Facial Paralysis

Salvatore Bühling.

Journal Title:Acta Scientific Otolaryngology

Background: Lymphedema (LE) as well as facial palsy ́s (FP) are relatively common disease.FP can be divided into idiopathic FP (Bell ́s palsy) and secondary FP due to a determined reason like trauma. The most common reasons of secondary FP are metabolic disease, tumors, infections, neurological disorders, autoimmune disorders, trauma and surgi-cal interventions.LE is a high protein edema. The most common reasons for a secondary LE are lymphatic filariasis, irradiation and surgical inter-ventions.Report: A 51 year old male with uncontrolled diabetes mellitus and a hypersensitivity lung disease (HLD) presented with 3 days fever and cellulitis in his face. He developed a very extensive LE and becomes septic (in the cours, he needs pressors and intubation for airway protection). The rapid streptococcal test was positive.In the examination, we diagnosed then a dense, painless facial nerve palsy in all branches on the left (except his marginal branch).Conclusion: In our knowledge, this is the first publication which reports, that a LE causes a secondary FP. Due to the fact, that both LE and FP are not so rarely seen disorders, our goal is to sensitise other physicians about the possibility of a casual coherence between them; that may be of important relevance for the outcome of the patients.