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Evaluation of Heavy Metals in some selected Waste Dumpsites in Gboko Metropolis, Benue State, Nigeria

B. A. Anhwange and K. Asemave

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Heavy metals were determined fromwaste dumpsites in Gboko metropolis, Benue state, Nigeria. The mean pH values of the soil samples were found to be 8.13 and 8.23 for Gboko west(GW) and Gboko east (GE) respectively. The analysis of heavy metals indicate that samples from Gboko west show mean concentrations (mg/kg) of heavy metals as;Pb (1.302), Ni (0.345), Cr (0.308), Al (0.282), Cd (0.370), and As (0.049). Samples from Gboko east indicate mean levels of heavy metals as follows;(0.876 mg kg-1), (0.152 mg kg-1), (0.342 mg kg-1), (0.486 mg kg-1), (0.295 mg kg-1), and(0.239 mg kg-1) for Pb, Ni, Cr, Al, Cd, andAs respectively. In Nutshell, Pb Ni, and Cd were found to be relatively higher in Gboko west than Gboko east. On the other hand, the levels of Cr, Al, and As were higher in Gboko east than Gboko west. All the heavy Metals were within the WHO acceptable limits except Cd and Cr which were slightly above these limits in some dumpsites; samples K, L in Gboko west and M, O in Gboko east. Although Heavy metal concentrations in theserefuse dumpsites of Gboko metropolis may not appear to pose a very serious environmental problem at the moment, continuous accumulation of these metals in Gboko metropolis may result into some health threat to human and the environment in future.