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Evaluation of Water Quality Used For Drinking and Swimming Purposes in Ishiagu Community, Ebonyi State

Anyim C.*1, Nwuzo, A.C. 1, Nworie, O1., Oko, M.O.2 and Agah, M.V. 1

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Evaluation of water quality used for drinking and swimming purposes in Ishiagu community, Ebonyi were carried out on streams and rivers used for drinking and swimming purposes. The results obtained were compared with WHO and EPA standards for drinking and recreational water. Ikwoh stream did not comply with turbidity standard, while Ivo river and Iyodu stream did not also comply with the Mg2+ standard, all others water sources were within the standards set for PH, colour, total solids, total dissolved solids, acidity, total hardness, Ca2+ hardness, chloride and Iron. None of the water samples complied with bacteriological standards as Total coliform counts generally exceeded 1,600 MPN/ml, and pathogen count such as Salmonella- Shigella counts and Vibrio cholera counts also very high. The presence of pathogens in water for drinking and swimming purposes is of public health concern; hence there is a need for thorough treatment of streams and rivers, and focus on the elimination of coliform bacteria so as to prevent an epidemic of water related diseases.