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Feeding habits of various fishes in some tropical water bodies of Bhopal with special reference to Phytoplankton

Ashwani Wanganeo, Imran Abdullah Bhat and Pramod Kumar

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Present study has been conducted on some water bodies of Bhopal city to assess the feeding preference of some selected fishes towards different classes of phytoplankton. A significant feeding preference for phytoplankton has been documented based on their gut contents of fishes. All the fishes documented maximum feeding preference towards the Chlorophyceae, which can possibly be attributed to the qualitative predominance of these autotrophic phyla in all the water bodies. During the present study, 91 phytoplankton species were identified from three selected water bodies. 66 phytoplankton species were encountered from Lower basin of Bhoj wetland, 65 species from Upper basin of Bhoj wetland while only 40 phytoplankton species were recorded from Shahpura wetland. A marked variation in the physico-chemical characteristics indicates the higher trophic status (Eutrophic) of Lower basin of Bhoj wetland and Shahpura wetland in comparison to Upper basin of Bhoj wetland.