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Management of Nickel Contaminated Soil and Water Through the use of Carbon Nano Particles

Gopal Rathor 1, Tapan Adhikari 2 and Neelam Chopra

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

A laboratory experiment was conduct to determine the effect of Carbon Nano Particle (CNP) for the management of nickel pollutant in soil and water. Usage of carbon in nanoparticle form seems quite efficient. It has been found that Ni concentration is reduced to 75-92% in the nickel polluted soil when the soil is treated with carbon nanoparticle (250mg/10gm of soil) while nickel decontamination in water was reduced to 99.6% after treatment of carbon nanoparticle (500mg/20 ml of polluted water).It was also seen that rate of nickel decontamination increases with the increase in Ni concentration. Ni contamination also decreases the pH of water but when carbon nanoparticle is applied, it not only decontaminates water but also maintains the pH of water to normal level.