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Synthesis and antimicrobial study of novel 2, 3-diydro -4- (naphtho [2, 1-b] furan -2yl)-2-substitued [1, 5] benzothiazepines

Sanjeevan Gaikwad*1, Venkat Suryawanshi2, Kishan Lohar1.

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

A series of novel substituted benzothiazepines derivatives were prepared from chalcone (2a-f) which was prepared from the reaction of 2-acetyl napthofuran (1) with 4-substituted aromatic aldehydes by ClaisenSchmidt condensation reaction. Substituted chalcones (2a-f) was treated with 2-aminothiophenol and piperidine in presence of ethanol to give the corresponding benzothiazepine derivatives (3a-f). The structure of the synthesized compounds was confirmed by their IR, 1H NMR and Mass spectral analyses. All the synthesized compounds were tested for their antimicrobial activity against bacteria and fungi.