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Review on modification of sulphated polysaccharide with special reference to chlorophycean seaweeds

Ajay Sharma1, Hardik Bhatt2 and Gayatri Prasad1,2*

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Modification of polysaccharides including the sulphated ones with special reference to chlorophycean seaweeds, commonly known as green seaweeds.. Polysaccharides have been proposed as the first biopolymers to have formed on earth1 Active research on the modification of the basic polysaccharide are under way in various labs to explore the possibility of application in newer fields such as in physicochemical, biochemical, biomedical and industrial applications Horton2; Aspinall3; Kotechkov4; Fang et al.5; Mormann and Michel6; Jerez et al.7). There are several reviews and research articles in the literature on the sulphated polysaccharides (Percival and McDowell8; Siddhanta and Shanmugam9; Siddhanta and Sai Krishna Murthy10; Siddhanta et al.11; Siddhanta et al.12; Shanmugam and Mody13) of which some are on chlorophycean seaweed polysaccharides (Siddhanta and Shanmugam9; Siddhanta et al.10; Lahaye et al.14; Lahaye et al.15). Modification of polysaccharides can also be done by chemical or physical means.