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Nature and effect of dye sensitizer in solar energy conversion and storage in Photogalvanic Cell: Brilliant Green - Ascorbic acid - ALES System

Syed Shadaab Nadeem*, R.K. Gunsaria and Ram Narayan Meena

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Solar energy conversion through Photogalvanic effect and its storage by using photogalvanic cell was studied in Brilliant Green - Ascorbic acid - ALES System. The ascorbic acid as a reductant, Brilliant Green as dye sensitizer and Ammonium Lauryl Ether Sulphate as surfactant in aqueous solution. The photopotential and photocurrent generated were 611.0 mV and 720.0 ?A respectively. The observed power of the cell was 262.40 ?W at its power point. The conversion efficiency and fill factor was determined as 2.52% and 0.29 respectively. The cell performance was 180.0 min. in dark. A mechanism for the Photogeneration of electricity has also been proposed. The effects of different parameters on the electrical output of the cell and current-voltage (i- V) characteristics of the cell were studied.