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Investigation of Inter polymer Complexation between Carbopol 974 P and Different Grades of Polyvinyl pyrrolidone and Effects on Swelling Properties, Adhesion Strength and Release Rate

Jyostna S.Patil*, Chandan R.Rane, Yashvant Chikte

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The main purpose of this work was to investigate interpolymer complexation between carbopol 974P and different grades of polyvinylpyrrolidone (K25,K30,K90,VA/S-630)by studying their water retaining capacity, apparent density, conductivity, pH, FTIR, swelling properties, adhesion strength and release rate.Interpolymer complexation obtained between CP and all PVP grades but most expressively with PVP K90, maximum amount of fresh and dried CP-PVP K90 complex obtained at a weight ratio of 1:1.the water retaining capacity of all CP-PVP K90 complexes were above 90%. Increased in CP concentration caused decreased in pH with increase in conductivity for all CP-PVP complexes and apparent density of the CP-PVP K90 filtrate was lowest.IR spectrum of the CP-PVP K90 complex is similar to that of PVP K90. Means CP has interacted with PVP K90.disc of physical mixture of CP-PVP K90 swelled progressively and reached after 18-25 hr. Adhesion strength was correlated with concentration of CP. Nevertheless, adhesion strength of CP-PVP K90 complex was lower than the physical mixture of the pure polymers. Interpolymer complexation was most conspicuous between CP and PVP K90.