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Analysis of Household Demand for Beef in Owerri Metropolis of Imo State, Nigeria

C. O. A. Ugwumba1* and J. A. L. Effiong2

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

This study examined household demand for beef in Owerri Metropolis of Imo State, Nigeria. Purposive, multistage and random sampling techniques were used to select 200 household heads as respondents. Data were collected using well-structured questionnaire and analyzed by means of multiple regression. Findings showed that product price, household heads disposable income, family size, age of household head, and price of iced fish, a close substitute for beef, statistically and significantly influenced the demand for beef. Demand for beef was price inelastic, implying that consumers were reluctant to forgo the consumption of beef. Estimated income elasticity coefficient was positive and between zero and one, making beef a normal good here. Price cross elasticity coefficient between beef and iced fish was positive and significant, suggesting that the consumers perceived iced fish as a close substitute for beef. Curtailing frequent and piecemeal removal of petroleum products subsidies to stop sudden hikes of products prices, hence prices of food items, is suggested. Periodic wage reviews to mitigate rising household budgets due to inflationary trends would stabilize the demand for beef and sustain its consumption.