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Estimation of the Scattering Coefficient and Emissivity of Red Soils at X- And C Band Microwave Frequencies

Avinash Patil, D. V. Ahire* and P. R. Chaudhari

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The soil is characterized by its physical constituents like sand, silt and clay. The electrical parameters that are important for soil are its dielectric constant, emissivity and scattering coefficient. The dielectric constant of wet soil mainly depends on amount of water present in it. In the present study, measurements of dielectric constant of red soil samples are made by using automated microwave set-up operating at X-band (9.2 GHz) and C-band (5.1 GHz) frequencies. These red soil samples are collected from two different locations situated in the North Maharashtra and Konkan areas of Maharashtra (India). The scattering coefficient is estimated using perturbation model for slightly rough surface for both (VV and HH) polarization and for different angles of incidence. The values of estimated scattering coefficient are related to constituents of the soil. Measured values of dielectric constant are also used to estimate emissivity by using emissivity model. It is found that the emissivity decreases with increase in angle of incidence of dry red soil. The possible uses of this study in the design of passive and active remote sensors are discussed.