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Study of dielectric properties for Uttarakhand soils at C-band frequency

D. V. Ahire

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Performances of the most of sensors used in microwave remote sensing of soils depend on their dielectric properties determined at frequencies in GHz range. The most important parameter needed for this purpose is complex dielectric constant of soil sample. This study presents experimental results on the variation of dielectric constant (?'), dielectric loss (?''), a. c. conductivity and relaxation time of six different soil samples with gravimetric moisture content at 5.3 GHz frequency. For all the six soil samples, the dielectric constant (?') and dielectric loss (?'') in general, are found to increase with increase in percentage gravimetric Moisture Content (MC %). Further, our results give high degree positive and high degree negative statistical correlation coefficient for a. c. conductivity (?) and relaxation time (?) respectively with MC (%) for all the six soil samples studied.