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Wave Propagation in Compressed Materials with Reinforcement in Preferred Direction Subjected to Gravity and Initial Compression

Rajneesh Kakar*1, Manisha Gupta2, Mahinder Singh Saroa2, Kishan Chand Gupta3

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The purpose of this paper is to investigate analytically the influence of gravity field, initial compression and fiber-reinforcement on surface waves (Love, Stoneley and Rayleigh) in composite materials with fiber-reinforcement in a preferred direction, normal to the direction of propagation of surface waves. The problem is being analyzed through wave propagation technique by harmonic sinusoidal motion and using Helmholtz theory of potentials for displacement vector field to study surface waves i.e. Love, Stoneley and Rayleigh waves in the neighbourhood of the interface of two semi infinite media. In the absence of gravity, initial compression and fiber-reinforcement parameters, results derived completely match with similar classical formulations. Application of harmonic analysis converts role of time factor into the frequency which has an important aspect for nondestructive dynamic testing mechanism. Inferences and analytical observations drawn show wide range of applications in industrial materials just as textile and paper industries as many of them deal composite materials with fibrous reinforcement.