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Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves in Twisted Triangular Waveguide with Higher Order Perturbation Terms

P. R. Chaudhari

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The twisted waveguides of various cross sections are very useful in building a waveguide system and are required in many communication applications, especially in satellite communications. While designing twisted waveguides it is necessary to take care about exact position of axis and angle of twisting for proper distribution of electric and magnetic fields. So that electromagnetic waves can propagate through waveguide in the desired manner. The problem of propagation of dominant TE mode in twisted waveguide of right isosceles triangular cross-section is analyzed up to sixth order perturbation terms. The helical coordinate system is used for mathematical formulation of the problem and perturbation technique is used in obtaining the solution. The contribution of higher order terms cannot be neglected for accuracy of results. The information about the percentage contribution of higher order terms is worked out. This is useful in deciding the number of terms to be included for the expected accuracy and fixing the position of axis of twist of waveguide for propagation of electromagnetic waves without loss. It is shown that the propagation of electromagnetic waves through twisted triangular waveguide is dependent on angle of twist and on its frequency. Twisting of waveguide also affects the cutoff frequency of electromagnetic wave propagating through it.