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Some aspects of bee attractants on Pumpkin

K .V.Jayaramappa * and V. Sivaram2

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Honeybeesand flowering plants are interdependent and a good example for mutualism and co-evolution. The use of bee attractants, Bee-Q and Fruit Boost in the pollination on target crop was evaluated. The bee visitations on Pumpkin flowers were made for two weeks followed by estimation of yield. The different concentrations of Bee-Q and Fruit boost was evaluated to understand the honeybee visitation pattern of target crop for improving pollination efficiency. The observations indicate that, Bee-Q at 12.5 g/l and Fruit boost at 0.5 ml/l of Pumpkin plots attracted higher number of bee foragers than the control plots. In addition, the plots sprayed with bee attractants enhanced the yield and diameter of fruit. The present research work suggests that the bee attractants increase marginal percentage of bee visitation, yield and diameter of fruit on Pumpkin.