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Esterification of Waste Fatty Acid from Palm Oil Refining Process into Biodiesel by Heterogeneous Catalysis: Fuel Properties of B10, B20 Blends

Vu Hoang Nguyen, Ha Thi Thu Vu, Hung Manh Do, Jeong Yoo Woo, Hee Hyoung Jun

Journal Title:International Journal of Renewable Energy and Environmental Engineering

This study presented the preparation of Biodiesel B100 from waste fatty acid by heterogeneous catalysis process and the evaluation of the properties of B10, B20 blends. Efficiency of esterification of waste fatty acid into B100 was 98.91% over 3 cycles. Biodiesel B100 was satisfactory according to ASTM D6751, the American biodiesel standard. These methyl esters can be used to substitute diesel. However, the methyl esters obtained from waste fatty acid had a low oxidative stability and high cloud point. Therefore, with a high percentage of biodiesel (1020%), it is necessary to add additives into the blends for changing these disadvantages in accordance with ASTM D 7467.